Information about delivery

In Republic of Macedonia on every valid address, with no extra charges.

Shipping with EMS you will pay extra charges (200 den. for next day delivery, 300 den. same day delivery).

We ship our products all over the world, on every valid address. The shipping charges are calculated while placing an order and it’s a customer’s cost.


In the Whole World to all valid address with extra charges for Normal Post delivery (PTT), fast post delivery with EMS, and faster post delivery with DHL. (On this page you see the prices & quantities for delivery).


If you buy from Macedonia and product is to be delivered in Macedonia or if you buy out of Macedonia and the product is to be delivered in Macedonia you don’t have extra charges for delivery.


We are ready to deliver with EMS for 7-12 days, DHL for 1-2 working days in Europe and 3-4 working days in Australia, USA and Asia.


The charges for shipping and handling with Normal Post, EMS and DHL you may see in the chart, below.


Price for Normal post 14-21 days delivery

Qty  CD or DVD Europe USA, Canada Asia, Australia
1-2 pcs (100-200 gr) 8 $ 15 $ 20 $
3-4 pcs. (300-400 gr) 15 $ 20 $ 25 $
5-9 pcs (500-900 gr) 20 $ 35 $ 40 $
10-20 pcs (1.000-2.000 gr) 30 $ 45 $ 50 $


Price for fast EMS post 10 days delivery

Qty  CD or DVD Europe USA, Canada Asia, Australia
1-2 pcs (100-200 gr) 35 $ 40 $ 40 $
3-4 pcs (300-400 gr) 40 $ 45 $ 45 $
5-9 pcs (500-900 gr) 45 $ 60 $ 65 $
10-20 pcs (1.000-2.000 gr) 50 $ 70 $ 85 $


Price for faster post 2-3 days delivery with DHL

Qty  CD or DVD Europe USA, Canada Asia, Australia
1-4 pcs (100-500 gr) 85 $ 90 $ 100 $
5-9 pcs (500-1.000 gr) 100 $ 105 $ 115 $
10-14 pcs (1.000-1.500) gr) 120 $ 125 $ 135 $
15-20 pcs (1.500-2.000 gr) 130 $ 135 $ 150 $



Some of our products according to the agreements with our partners are available on Macedonian market.

On every product, on the end of the page a note is placed to indicate whether the product is available for world wide delivery.

Delivery Time

In Macedonia from Monday to Saturday to any valid post address in the country. Our on-line shop makes deliveries every working day from Monday to Saturday. If the order is made till midnight (00:00) Macedonian time (GMT+1), the shipment will be made no later than 2-3 working days.

All orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed the first working day of the next week and shipped until Wednesday.


We do not ship on days denoted as National Holidays of the Republic Of Macedonia.

  • New Year (1st and 2nd of January)
  • Orthodox Christmas (7th of January)
  • Orthodox Easter (depending on the Orthodox calendar)
  • Labour Day (1st and 2nd of May)
  • Ilinden (2nd of August)
  • Constitution Day (8th of September)
  • Uprising Day (11th of October)

Summary of your Order

When you order on-line you will receive an emailed summary of your order, finally you will receive a personal response when your order has been successfully processed for delivery.

Delivery Problems

The delivery can be unsuccessful by more reasons: incomplete recipient address information; the recipient or any member of the family is not currently available at the delivery address to receive the products, or in case of other extenuating and unforeseen circumstances. We recommend filling out the recipient portion of our online order form as fully and as accurately as possible, to ensure timely delivery.

Please note that due to incomplete address information or when the recipient cannot be reached at the delivery address, we will contact you by e-mail. The same products will be delivered again. If the delivery is unsuccessful for the second time, then we will consider our obligations fulfilled and you will still be charged for your order. If you have any concerns regarding the delivery status of an order and require immediate feedback, please contact us by e-mail.